Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.TM provides custom Design & Electrical Engineering services.

Whether project management, custom design from inception to production or filling the technology gaps in Engineering departments, Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.TM provides solutions to fit your needs.

Our Engineers have been providing Engineering solutions since 1989. Partnering with some of the best and brightest professionals in the industry we have committed to Engineered solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

We work closely with our clients to educate and inform. This ensures that the requirements, complexities, limitations and cost of any project are clearly understood prior to commencing work.

Some of our project work has included Hardware develoment for Space platforms, Military power supply and communications, Traffic control equipment, thermal and power managment devices, medical sensors, Internet aware devices, Wireless ethernet, complex network deployments, large scale storage and clustered computing, Network security devices, Software and firmware development.

We stand by the principles of Education and Integrity.

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Engaging Consultants.

In our view, you hire a consultant for 1) expertise, 2) objectivity, 3) credibility, 4) leadership, and 5) time.

Here's a hypothetical example: a company has been exploiting a leadership position in the marketplace and executing well on its operating goals for a number of years. Now, competition is getting stiffer and the company is suffering from margin pressure. The company has reached an inflection point. That happens from time to time. The CEO realizes the company may need new strategic direction. It may need to cut some projects and businesses and add others to meet its new direction.

Moreover, the company lacks a process for developing and implementing new corporate and product strategy. Unfortunately, the CEO already has a fulltime job - running the company. The same is true of the company's marketing and business heads. In addition, although many of the executives have been through strategic processes before, they lack the expertise to develop the right process for this company in this situation and the credibility to sell it.

Moreover, each executive has his or her own unique perspective; they're all too close to the problem to be objective. No single executive possesses the expertise, leadership, objectivity, time, and credibility to successfully lead the entire team and ultimately the company through the process.

Frankly, most strategic plans do end up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Most companies know this issue occurs but are unwilling or unable to alleviate the problem for the reasons already identified. Still, the idea of turning over such a critical process to someone without the expertise to ensure a relatively high probability of success is ludicrous. After all, a company wouldn't hire a novice to design its products, would it?

In this hypothetical case, it would be a good idea to bring in a consultant. As for common pitfalls, aside from the obvious - expertise, track record, chemistry, etc. - remember these three and you'll do fine: Be careful what you wish for. You can expect a consultant to tell you the truth, not what you want to hear.

If you're not prepared to listen and act on what you hear, don't waste everyone's time and money.

You'd be amazed how many CEOs get defensive when you tell them the truth about their company's situation. Garbage in, garbage out. A consultant's success is dependent in no small part on what the company puts into the process. It takes openness, time and focus. That's right, even with a consultant, it will still take time away from already swamped executives. It's still worth it. Set up the problem and commit. The project should be well defined and agreed upon by the company's entire management team and the consultant.

This kind of thing is hard enough; if you start with the wrong assumptions and hostile participants, you can expect poor results. The same goes for half-baked, open-ended projects. If you're not committed to doing it right, don't do it at all.

The bottom line: Just like with lawyers and doctors, working with consultants may be distasteful or even painful, but there are times when you need them if you know how to recognize those times. While trying to go it alone sounds noble or courageous, it isn't. It can cost your company big-time.

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