Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.TM provides custom Design & Electrical Engineering services.

Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.™ provides Electrical Engineering services to a wide array of clients. Services and Clients include:

Design and development of On Board Computers for Canada's First Space Telescope nicknamed "MOST" (Microvariability and Oscillations of STars). The project is a cooperative effort between The U of T Institute for Aerospace Studies - Space Flight Lab, UBC, Dynacon Enterprises, AMSAT, Aeroastro and The Canadian Space Agency.

The MOST Microsatellite   Visit the MOST page for more information on the project.

Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.™ is involved in the design of microcontroller and microprocessor based and interface applications for use in low power satellite systems. Interface and communication systems, from Radio applications, telemetry to internal bus communications designed for high reliability and speed, low power and ease if integration. Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.™ fully supports the "low cost approach to space" ideology.

Denso-Diame - Design of an embedded control application for Denso-Diame. Pressure to mass conversion with a sensitivity of 100g over 300Kg.

D&R Electronics - Provide technical assistance in troubleshooting and development of an LED sign system in use by the Ministry of Transport, Ontario and the Ontario Provincial Police.

Trinidad and Tobago Orchid Society - Orchid watering control system for the Trinidad and Tobago Orchid Society. Due to stringent environmental conditions (severe dry season) and the peculiarly particular conditions required for Orchid cultivation, the TTOS requires automated "smart" systems to provide reliable water to supply to a range of requirements.

Medical - Research
Medical transducer and data gathering projects are underway. These are targeted to use "common" sensor technology hardware, with a twist to gather significantly difficult (by today's standards) data sets in a manner which is less complex than anything presently available.

Embedded Controllers
Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.™ provides a series of custom designed 8, 16 and 32-bit embedded control applications. These may be Web-enabled or stand alone. Provisions can be made for remote monitoring and power management.

For more information regarding requirements or special concerns you may contact our at ; Voice: 416.258.1046.


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