Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.TM provides custom Design & Electrical Engineering services.

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We provide clients with Secure Remote Support to resolve computer related issues anywhere in the world. This service allows us to connect to virtually any computer running any operating system, no matter when or where required in a cost effective and timely fashion.

We specialize in the use of the OrCAD® suite of products. Our Engineering group has over 11 years of OrCad® experience and are conversant in the different packages that have evolved over the years.

Printed Circuit Board Design
The Engineering team at Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.™ is qualified to provide Electrical Engineering design and development services in a wide range of industries. We are ISO compliant and have worked in CSA, ISO & QS environments.

Using netlists from OrCAD® Capture and a variety of other schematic capture packages our Engineers can generate the type of printed circuit board (PCB) that you require. We have experience that ranges from basic 2-layer up to 10 layer military qualified and video implementations. We can also provide different substrate services, including FR4, polyamide, ceramic and flexible circuits.

We are in touch with the needs of all of our customers, from the custom, low volume prototype and one of a kind who need it right the first time, to the high volume, high reliability manufacturers who require quality at cost. Our Engineering team can provide expertise in the design, layout, prototyping, PCB assembly, testing, production and packaging of any product you desire.

Technical Support
With our extensive experience we also offer consulting services for those who choose the OrCAD® suite of products. We can provide informal guidance and lead the new user through the correct method of working with the toolset.


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