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Wirless Ethernet (802.11B, G, A, N) is a growing market providing ease of deployment and convenience for small to enterprise clients.

Expanding Networks typically require significant investment in wiring and time. How can infrastructure be expanded economically to meet the needs of a growing environment? Wireless is the only next logical alternative.

Implementing wireless solutions using Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.TM technologies ensures a succesful and cost effective result. Stay securely connected while you move through your environment using roaming technology, ensuring you can work when you need to and maximize your productivity.

Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.TM Wireless Service. Wireless services include provisioning, deploying, management, support, security, and maintenance of your wireless networks.

Wireless LAN Deployment.
Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.TM LAN solutions are specifically engineered to increase your productivity and save you money on network infrastructure and upgrade costs

Site to Site Wireless.
Secure site to site wireless networks overcome traditional infrastructure limitations, city permits, and Telco charges.

Integrated Networks
Specializing in engineering integrated wireless access points with existing wired networks to meet the specific needs and limitations of your business combines the best of both worlds.

Wireless Security.
The security of your network is paramount, and your wireless infrastructure deserves professional alltention. Security is of utmost importance for Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.TM, we offer custom solutions and appliances from leaders in the industry.

Professional Wireless Solutions.
With six years of mitigating wireless demand with client concerns, Dynamic Systems Engineering Inc.TM has worked closely with manufacturers and industry professionals to ensure that all solutions are secure and appropriate for the situation. Providing feedback to manufacturers better serves our clients and ensures our commitment to quality.

For more information regarding requirements or special concerns you may contact our at ; Voice: 416.258.1046..


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